Do we really need school tests?

Hi, Callum here!

In a few months, I will be tacking several large tests, however, I don’t agree with them – I think that tests are a stressful experience for both students and teachers. Why can’t our school books be checked instead? Is there not enough evidence there? In addition, tests only look at what you can do at the time that you take them – not throughout the rest of the year, and some only cover a small range of subjects, like mathematics and English.

Although I think that we don’t need tests there are some reasons that support them:

  • they can motivate you to try harder – if you know that you are going to be tested, you are more likely to revise and work hard in the build-up to the test – but if you get a lower score than you expected then your self-esteem could take a nosedive;
  •  they allow teachers to see where you’re making progress, but exercise books could be checked instead.

I can see why tests such as GCSEs and A Levels may be necessary – they give organisations an idea of a potential employee’s strengths and weaknesses academically – but surely younger children should not have to support such a burden?

What do you think? Vote in the poll below, and please do leave a comment if you have something more to say!


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